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Variant Readings Of The Qur'an - A Critical Study Of Their Historical And Linguistic Origins

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This fascinating and important book attempts to investigate the nature of the seven Ahruf in which the Qur'an has been revealed and the reason for the variations in readings among the Qurra' of the Qur'an. It studies, examines, and discusses:

The revelation of the Qur'an in the seven ahruf concluding that they represent seven linguistical ways of recitation.

The compilation of the Qur'an during the lifetime of the Prophet (p.b.u.h) and the preservation of the Qur'an in the memories of the Companions as well as in written form, the compilation during the time of Abu Bakr, and the further compilation during the time of 'Uthman.

The problem of naskh to demonstrate the completeness and trustworthiness of the Qur'an and that no verses are missing or were read and abrogated by naskh al-tilawah either with or without hukm.

The Uthmanic mashahif and their relation to the seven ahruf.

The language of the Qur'an and whether it includes one, several, or all the dialects of the Arabs.

The origin of the qira'at and conditions governing accepted readings.

Ikhtiyar (i.e., the selection of one reading rather than another) and the rules governing the Qurra' who selected a reading