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Ramadan Mubarak! Store Opening Times: 10AM - 15mins Before Iftar

The Sublime Truths of the Shadhili Path

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The Sublime Truths of The Shadhili Path By Imam Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti Translator : Khalid Williams Notes By Shaykh Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn al-Siddiq al-Ghumari al-Hasani Hardback 176 Pages ISBN : 9781909460041 Publisher : Visions of Reality Books About The Book This is the translation of Imam al-Suyuti's risala 'Tayid al-Haqiqa al-Aliya wa Tashyid al-Tariqa Shadhiliya' - on the Shadhili Tariqa. Imam al-Suyuti who was a Shadhili himself writes writes in erudition about tasawwuf and its place as an essential traditional Islamic science. '' The science of tasawwuf or Sufism is one of the traditional Islamic sciences; it like other Islamic sciences has its basis in the Qur'an and the Sunna of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Towards the end of his life in the famous hadith of Jibril, the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, defined Islam, Iman and Ihsan after having been asked by the Angel Jibril. Despite orientalist and reformist salafist protestations - the schools of 'aqida, the schools of fiqh, and the schools of tasawwuf developed around the same time, all within the bounds of traditional Sunni orthodoxy. The term 'Sufi was known by, approved by and used by scholars like the mujtahid Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, may Allah be pleased with him. No area of Islam has been vehemently attacked by the reformist movements as tasawwuf has, therefore it is a great pleasure to present this work by one of the most prolific intellectual geniuses of the Ummah, who authored nearly a thousand works with many still in print over five centuries after his death. Imam al-Suyuti, may Allah be pleased with him, was a Sufi and an adherent of the Shadhili Tariqa, a fact that not many people may have been aware of. The translation of Imam Suyuti's work Shadhili Tariqa into English brings to Western audiences a magnificent book