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Ramadan Mubarak! Store Opening Times: 10AM - 15mins Before Iftar

DVD - The Humble Muslim : Adam's World 10

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This is the tenth episode of the world famous Adam's World children's video series, what some call the "Muslim Sesame Street"

This video is ideal for children between the ages of 2 and 9. It teaches Islamic values in a fun and lively way that is almost sure to keep kids watching. Adam is a friend to children, someone who they can relate to and learn from. This first video features a wide range of concepts about Islam and Muslims.

In Adam's World 10, Adam learns that a person's true worth is not based on fame and fortune but on one's character and humility. Adam also realizes that modest behavior and conduct are essential to the Islamic way of life.

Other highlights in the program include: two terrific songs, wonderful 3-D animation about the Arabic letter "dal" and the belief in "Dua" (or supplication) to Allah, the importance of avoiding arrogance and much more. The Humble Muslim is a must for any fan of the Adam's World series.

Read this review of The Humble Muslim:

'HUMBLE MUSLIM' brings religious values to kids"

Adam is a Muslim boy puppet who's the star of a series of videos designed to teach religious values to children ages 2 to 9. Many of the videos use humour to educate, combining skits with catchy spiritual songs. They're the kind of videos that parents enjoy watching with their children. However the latest entry, "The Humble Muslim," isn't as good as others in the series. Much of the humour is strained, though little children may not mind.

The story hinges around a prank that convinces Adam that he is famous. It goes straight to his head and he loses sight of the tenets of his faith. In the end of course, he sees the light and realizes that a person's true worth is not based on fame and fortune, but on character and humility. The story is interspersed with a nicely done music video celebrating God's creation.

-Adam's World,"The Humble Muslim," by Sound Vision as reviewed by Susan Hogan of the Minneapolis Star Tribune,May 1999.

More information:

If you're worried about how to teach Islamic values to your young children in a way that will keep them interested, Adam's World is one of the most powerful tools in your struggle.With the media bombarding our children with unIslamic values daily, we need to communicate Islam to this next generation of Muslims with the same tools that attract our children's attention. That's why Adam's World is so necessary. Here's what one parent had to say about this world famous children's video series.

"I just had to pen this e-mail after viewing the first three videos of the Adam's World series that I purchased recently. Masha Allah! The quality, production and content of the program is excellent. Within just a few hours my children were 'unhooked' from their Disney videos.

This is probably the wisest investment I have made on my kids' behalf thus far. I intend to purchase the whole series without delay.