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The Savage:and other short Islamic stories

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Good Islamic short stories are almost as rare as red diamonds, but prove as dazzling and entrancing when found. This collection of unique, intriguing, and powerful stories-written in eloquent and captivating prose by an accomplished scholar, poet, and storyteller who converted to Islam after falling in love with the Holy Quran-avoids the current trends of trivial anecdotal narrative and over-the-top fantasy. His richly drawn characters are believable, as are even the most unexpected plot twists and turns, and he never strays from the reality of historical and contemporary events even when telling fabulously fictitious stories that contain surreal or imaginary elements. Written in various styles and in different voices, these highly original and evocative tales will move, sadden, delight, and provoke readers. They will not let readers escape without challenging their assumptions or let them avoid engaging with the subtly revealed underpinning moral, philosophical, or religious issues.