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Special Gift Pack of Musk (Amber) Cream & Musk (Amber) Jamid

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Weight : 128 gm

Musk Type - Musk Cream & Musk Jamid Perfume

Product Type - Herbs

Full of Natural Goodness

Musk cream:

Best if you want to Treat yourself to a luxuriously rich, intensely creamy sensual moisturizer that melts into your skin, leaving it velvety soft and subtly scented.

Musk mallow extract is naturally comforting and softening, leaving skin feeling hydrated, soft and pampered.

Community Trade shea butter and Community Trade organic babassu oil moisturize and soften skin.

Community Trade cocoa butter melts at body temperature to moisturize skin, while Community Trade sesame oil and Community Trade organic olive oil soften and condition skin.

Musk Jamid:

Musk Perfume Jamid is a synthetic solid fragrant wax of essential oils without alcohol.

This exotic fragrance has a lot to give to the Musk-Lovers. The story of the fragrance of Musk is also believed to be more than two thousands years old when it’s been acquired from species of ‘Musk Deer’ black in color, mainly dwelling in the jungles of Pakistan, India, Tibet, China, Siberia and Mongolia. Since science has developed a lot in the field of aromatic hydrocarbons and developed synthetically this lovely fragrance in laboratories and now Hashmi brings home this priceless fragrance for you The grain of musk will abruptly scent millions of cubic feet of air without any appreciable loss of weight, and its scent is not only more penetrating but more persistent than that of any other known substance.

Amber Cream & Amber Jamid:

Amber Jamid Solid Fragrance is also known as musk jamid it is a solid fragrance. It is used for burning a well as perfuming the room as room freshener or perfuming the cloths.

Amber has been known for many years, it is an organic fossilized resin from coniferous trees. For ages it has been acknowledged as a panacean for many illnesses. Amber gives many precious microelements to the skin and exhibits extraordinary soothing and anti-stress features for the matting and revitalizing of skin. It works as an antiseptic, helps to close healing wounds, heals wounded scars, and is a natural UV filter.