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Ramadan Mubarak! Store Opening Times: 10AM - 15mins Before Iftar

Religious Struggle in Turkey - During The Transformation From Caliphate To Secular Republic

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Binding: Paperback

Pages: 127

For decades the Anatolian Muslims had been denigrated and persistently stigmatized as reactionaries and often called bumpkins by the Turkish press and media controlled by the Secular Republican elite. The language they used for Anatolian Muslims was offensive and even more derogatory than that used by some European Orientalists. There was a period, when Anatolian Muslims were not allowed to enter the capital Ankara with their normal traditional dress lest they spoil the image of the Modern Turkish Republic. In spite of this the resilience of the Anatolian Muslims succeeded to preserve the soul of their nation and its Islamic identity against the onslaught of the Secular Western Culture. At the same time, they raised a generation of Imam Hatip and Higher Islamic Institute graduates, like the author of this book, who played an important role this struggle. By the declaration of Inkilab- Hurüf, in 1928, Arabic script was outlaw.