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Qasaid Of Tariqa Sada Ba-Alawi

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Amongst the significant traditions of the Sada Ba 'Alawi is the recitation of mystical poetry. Many of the elite masters have a composition or collection of poetry inciting the remembrance of Allah. Imam al-Haddad, may Allah be pleased with him, was asked, 'What is your opinion regarding the people of Yemen who gather to recite poetry, is this considered to be dhikr(remembrance) of Allah? He, may Allah grant us benefit through him, said :

'' If the recitation of poetry encourages towards good works, discourages sin,creates a yearning for the states of the devout people, removes frivolity,encourages etiquette and striving to cleanse the heart, so that the Truth (Allah)

is witnessed at every moment; as the Messenger of Allah, may Allah blesshim and grant him peace, said, 'Excellence is to worship Allah as though you see Him, and if you do not see Him, know that He sees you.' In that case every recitation and listening of such poetry is a Sunna.''

A comprehensive collection of qasa'id recited in the Ba Alawi Tariqa, in easy to read Arabic text and English translation. Includes famous qasa'id of Imam Al-Haddad, Imam Ali al-Habshi & Habib Ahmad bin Abu Bakr bin Sumayt, may Allah be pleased with them.