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Islamic Medicine

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Meanings of the term “Arabian Medicine” – Periods Arabian and Islamic history --- the Transmission of Greek learning --- Syria and Persian contributions --- The Latino Barbari--- Aptitude of Arabic for scientific purposes.


Evolution of Scientific Terminology in Arabic--- Was dissection practiced by the Muslims? Four early Persian medical writers.


Recapitulation --- Arabian Popular Medicine --- The Translators from Arabic into Latin –Practice of medicine in the time of the crusades—Anecdotes of notable cures in Arabic and Persian literature—Psychotherapeusis—Love and Melancholia--- Persian medical works --- Introduction of European Medicine into Muslim lands.


Contribution of the Moors of Spain--- The School of Toledo—Persian medical literature from the twelfth to the fourth teen centuries ---Biographical works of the thirteenth century--- Muslim hospitals ---Letters of “Rashid the Physician “ --- Outlines of Muslim cosmogony, physical science and physiology ---Conclusion