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Islam, the Faith of Love and Happiness

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Binding: Paperback

Pages: 192

"This book is greatly needed at a time when the profound vision of the Sufi tradition has been marginalised in much Islamic discourse. Sufi's have consistently emphasised the crucial fact that mercy and compassion lie at the heart of the religious quest and this message is vitally important in our dangerously polarised world." -- Karen Armstrong, author of the best selling books, Muhammad: A Prophet for our time, Islam: A Short History, A History of God and Fields of Blood. || "Terrorist attacks by militant extremists like Al Qaeda and ISIS and the exponential growth of Islamophobia by well funded organizations have brush-stroked the faith of the vast majority of mainstream Muslims. Islam, the Faith of Love and Happiness offers an antidote, to foster a paradigm shift to counter this dark view of Islam by presenting the heart of Islam, the extent to which Islam, the Quran and Muhammad offer a message of love and happiness." -- John L. Esposito, Professor of Islamic Studies, Georgetown University || "This practical book presents the inner depths of Sufi teachings in a way that is directly relevant to our constant efforts to reach for happiness." - Professor Komaruddin Hidayat, Islamic scholar and bestselling author of Life's Journey || "When we peer inside our souls and still cannot find happiness, we must dig even deeper. This book is like a whetstone that sharpens our abilities to uncover true happiness from within." -- Gobind Vashdev, spiritual teacher and bestselling author of Happiness Inside || "Islam, the Faith of Love and Happiness is a delight! It is... greatly engaging and accessible. [It shows that] love is the thread that connects and supports and holds together the enterprise that is Islam." -- Eric Winkel, translator of Futuhat al-Makkiyah