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Islam & The Business Mind-Set:Day to day Motivational Tips and advice For Business Owners

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Having had a successful career in business, healthcare and also in the education sector, the author has now taken to writing his debut inspirational entrepreneurial motivation book.

The aforementioned itled ‘Islam and the Business Mindset’ Salim, who believes that making money is always secondary in any business, in the book gives advice to young entrepreneurs about how to manage time, business and life.

The priority in business, he writes, is to provide a service. As you will read in his book, this mindset is central to which is his contention that balance is the key.

“I noticed a lack of literature about being an entrepreneur and running businesses specifically aimed at Muslims that is easy to read and put into practice,” comments Salim from Leeds.

“The purpose of life and that is important to run a business according to what is correct, moral and ethical.

“In writing it, I also wanted to benefit and motivate young entrepreneurs, as well as other business owners. Even if my book inspires one individual, I would say I’ve done a good job!

“In this day and age, reading is often limited to smart phones and Facebook posts, and not many people read large detailed books. I personally enjoy reading small, straight to the point books, where I can take action from bullet points. Hence, this book is designed to fill that gap in the market.”

Thanking his parents for giving him a wholesome upbringing, Salim says he’s been fortunate to have studied in various institutions around the world and specialises in Islamic Sciences and Business.