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Healing Hearts: Better Wedded

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Healing Hearts: Better Wedded is an invaluable guide through the more complex issues that affect marriages written by a qualified and experienced Islamic relationship counsellor. Afshan Khan(umm Asim),founder of Sukoon healing and regular contributor to Islam Channel's Women AM programme, shares the benefit of her over thirty years experience and wisdom. Following the success of her first book, "Secrets of a Successful Marriage", Afshan Khan brings us further into her journey to discover why many Muslim marriages are breaking down and how we can try to fix them insha'Allah. In this second book, we look into the past experiences of spouses and how these experiences affect marriages, to move forward with greater understanding; resolving conflict, healing hearts and insha'Allah, being better wedded. This highly topical book offers advice on how to deal with issues such as narcissism, depression, emotional distance in marriages, addictions and their causes, domestic violence, bullying and abuse amongst others. The author does not shy away from confronting these problems - problems that we as a Muslim community often ignore, deny or dismiss, but that we must discuss and deal with, treating those who suffer with compassion and understanding.