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From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life

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At a time when different cultures and faiths live closer together than ever before and Islam has become the hot topic, Kristiane Backer has published her book “From MTV to Mecca”.

It tells the story of how as a leading presenter on MTV Europe who had everything a young person can dream of- fame, a great lifestyle and glamour, she converted to the most vilified and misunderstood religion in the West and despite enormous professional challenges, found inner peace and meaning in life as a practicing Muslim.

She describes how she dissolved her prejudices as she discovered mainstream Islam, found common values between religions and how she finds the heart of Islam, Sufism.

The book is an effective bridge between cultures and civilizations and can function as an antidote to extremism.

Kristiane is a Global Ambassador for Exploring Islam Foundation, she was the face of the “Inspired by Muhammad” campaign

About The Author

Kristiane Backer is a TV presenter and journalist based in London with a pan-European career. She currently presents a monthly travel show for Travel Channel in Germany and “Matters of Faith” for Ebru TV a program that deals with different aspects of faith and culture. She also hosts galas, conferences and corporate events around Europe. At the age of 24 Kristiane became one of the leading presenters on MTV Europe where she interviewed many major artists and musicians of her time. She created her own youth show in Germany and presented a daily guide to culture and entertainment, “The Ticket NBC” on NBC Europe. Kristiane won several awards for her TV work. She later studied natural medicine, qualified as a homeopath and presented a health program on RTL. In 2007 she presented and produced the interfaith program “Nexus” for Press TV as well as the weekly news analyses program.