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Excellence of Patience and Gratefulness

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Translation of Uddat al-Sabirin wa Zakhirat al-Shakirin by Ibn Qayyim. Patience and gratefulness are two essential qualities that can help us go through the ups and downs of life with grace. Here is Ibn al-Qayyim’s celebrated guide on how to achieve them.

This book contain the advice and sayings of great prophets and Sahabah and the Scholars of this ummah to help and encourage the reading in being patience may Allah make us from the patience Ameen.

\"I want to repent, but...\"

How many times have you heard that phrase? How many times, either hearing it from your own self or from someone else?

Or maybe you heard the phrase being completed, like a \"fill in the blank.\" One might complete it by, \"I want to repent, but who can guarantee that Allah will forgive me if I do so?\"

More to complete? How about after that, the speaker says, \"I want to follow the Straight Path, but I feel very hesitant. If I know for sure that Allah would forgive me, I would definitely repent.\"

Sounds familiar?

Well, may all doubts be erased by this handy book, I want to Repent, but... by Muhammad al-Munajjid. He gives clear-cut responses to such uncertainties and questionings.

And so that you don\'t have more doubts, all information in this booklet is backed by Qur\'an, Sunnah, and hadiths.

So many of verses are quoted in this book, causing many of the readers to be confirmed that Allah\'s mercy embraces all things, and is greater than all of the greatest sins.

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Saira Saleem
Just EXCELLENT as the title of the book says

Must read
Another beautiful piece of excellence by Ibn Al - Qayyim
Prompt delivery by Zam Zam