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DVD - Let's Pray : Adam's World 14

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Let's Pray is the best tool you can give a young Muslim, an older Muslim or a new Muslim to teach them how to make Wudu and pray five times a day, which is the second pillar of Islam.

What makes it unique is not its explanations or graphics: it's the fact that for the most part, kids educate kids in this video. We do not see an adult authoritatively telling Umar how to make Wudu, for instance. It's Uthman, his peer and friend who does this.

Let's Pray though, is clearly for learners. For children who already know how to pray, it can be very slow, but it's still a great way to check up on their Salah.

Let's Pray is the right video for anyone trying to motivate a fellow Muslim, especially if he or she is young, to pray. Try this video instead of lecturing about Salah to your kids. It may yield positively surprising results, Insha Allah.