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Ramadan Mubarak! Store Opening Times: 10AM - 15mins Before Iftar
Ramadan Mubarak! Store Opening Times: 10AM - 15mins Before Iftar

DVD - Islam A Closer Look

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This documentary is for anyone interested in the true teachings of Islam. An intelligent and sensitive portrayal of Islamic beliefs and practices.

Islam: A Closer Look, clearly and concisely explains wide range of important concepts such as the Unity of God, the Quran, Prayer, Fasting, Zakat, the Pilgrimage, Islamic sciences, the role of the Masjid, Islamic family values and the importance of acquiring knowledge. Most non-Muslims think that all Muslims are Arabs, but Shaikh Abdullah Hakim surprises the viewers in this documentary by telling them that there are only 15% Muslims who are Arabs and the rest, 85%, are non-Arab. Sr. Besa Karsingi challenges the non-Muslim ladies to wear hijab as an experiment, and then they would not want to take it off.

A series of well-known guests share their insight and experiences on this program: Imam Hamza Yusuf, Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaikh Abdullah Hakim, Dr. John Esposito, Sr. Nancy Ali, Sr. Audrey Shabbaz, Sr. Rubina Khawaja and Sr. Besa Karsingi.