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Boys iPray Salah Pad (in Blue) A Fun Way to Learn Salah

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iPray Salah pad (boy and girl versions) – what every child should have to guide them through the Salah.

Press the "play" button beneath each picture to hear:

• How to perform Wudu

• What to recite in each position of Salah

• Hear the Adhan and learn to repeat after the Mua'aadhin

• Learn the Iqama

• Learn the Duaa's for after hearing the Adhan, after Wudu, after Salah

• Learn how many Rakahs in each of the 5 Salah

• Press the ( i ) button for more information about each position.

The iPray Salah pad is a useful reference for adults and reverts to Islam too, helping them to improve their knowledge, confidence, and understanding of Salah.

Comes complete with 3 x AAA batteries and detailed Salah handbook to accompany the Salah pad