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Arba Wardat Perfume Oil by Rasasi - 30ml

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Arba Wardat Perfume Oil by Rasasi - 30ml

Description: It is a creative mix of floral and fruity ingredients which is a soft confluence of contrasting notes. The distinctive and unique design of bottle is bound to attract and charm wearer.

Arba wardat is the perfume for the ambitious present day woman who seeks to excel and set new trends.

Olfactory description: Citrus, fruity,floral and woody.

The top notes carry citrusy( bergamot), fruity-floral ( Jasmine,rose) which have been specially created to introduce softness and beauty. The floral –woody(sandal& woody mix), ambery-mossy middle note awakens the senses with spicy scents. The base note wraps up the wearer with a woody-ambery-mossy and musky notes.