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Ramadan Mubarak! Store Opening Times: 10AM - 15mins Before Iftar
Ramadan Mubarak! Store Opening Times: 10AM - 15mins Before Iftar

Al-RUQYAH Al-SHARIYYAH Recitation by MISHARY RASHD (2 CDs & Booklet)

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This is a 2 CDs set albums with 64 page book inside. A self healing guide to the treatment of Magic, Jinn Affliction & The Evil Eye from The Quran and Prophetic Sunnah. Ruqyah refers to a supplication or reading carried out to seek a cure from illness or other problems. It is done by reading some passages from the Quran or from prophetic supplications. The lawfulness of this practice is based on hadiths and practices of the companions and the early generations of Muslims. In the Hadith of Muslim it is reported that Aisha narrated that the prophet used to advise her to do ruqyah to protect against the evil eye. She also narrated that whenever the prophet had some illness the angel Jibra'il used to do Ruqyah for him. Similarly the prophet himself did Ruqyah for his family and for himself on the occasion of the illness from which he passed away. The practice has continued throughout Islamic history. There is a scholarly consensus on its lawfulness.