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Al-Ghazalis Moderation in Belief

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Aladdin M. Yaqubs annotated translation of al-Ghazalis "Moderation in Belief will ultimately be seen as a major turning point for the better in the history of Islamic philosophy. He engages the text directly, his eyes riveted on the arguments, which he unravels and reconstructs elegantly.

Tzvi Langermann, Bar-Ilan University

Given the significance of al-Ghazali as one of the leading Muslim thinkers in the Sunni world, its remarkable that this important text has not yet been available in English-language translation in one place. Aladdin M. Yaqub provides such a translation, splendidly reconciling the Arabic texts and augmenting them with accurate notes that offer a helpful guide. This is sure to become the standard English edition.

Oliver Leaman, University of Kentucky

Al-Ghazali is the most important philosophical theologian of classical Islam, and "Moderation in Belief is among his most important works. It sets out al-Ghazali's Ash'arite theology with unusual clarity and provides important background for such well-known works as his autobiographical Deliverance from Error and his attack on Avicenna in The Incoherence of the Philosophers. This first English-language translation, with notes that bring out the argumentation and background of the work, is thus very much to be welcomed.

Peter Adamson, King s College London