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Ostrich Fat Oil (Natural)
Product Code : HEB55351

Please Note, Our Stock Quantities Are Updated On An Hourly Basis.
Brand: Al-Najeeb Groups
Size/Vol.: 100ml
-Expiry Date : 01/02/2018
- It's a natural high quality oil, which well known for its benefits in back pain treatment and arthritis roughness, Where has been blended with other natural oils which treat muscles' spasms and help to relaxants muscles.
- The aching part of the body should be massaged before sleeping. This should be done for a week.
- Ostrich oil has be used to:-
- Lessen the discomfort of rheumatism and arthritis
- Heal burns and sunburns
- Reduce appearance of age spots and fine lines
- Reduce stretch marks on thighs/abdomen (especially after childbirth)
- Prevent scarring
- Relieve contact dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis
- Reduce the effects of rosacea
- Relieve pain of diabetic neuropathy
- Heal minor cuts and scratches
- Moisturize cracked, chapped skin
- Soften callouses
- Stop itching and burning of rashes
- Lessen under-eye puffiness
- Diminish acne inflammation
- Hasten healing of haemorrhoids
- Relieve Achilles tendonitis
- Relieve and heal diaper rash
- Alleviate itching of bug bites
- Product Disclaimer:-
- No scientific claims are being made for its effectiveness.
- Always seek the advice of your general practitioner (GP) before starting or changing treatment. Please consult your GP for personalized medical advice. Talk to your GP immediately if you experience any believed reactions due the use of any Natural product. Ostrich oil Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, because only a drug can make that claim.
- General Disclaimer Statements and Claims of Ostrich oil products either in person, by phone, in print are made based on non-scientific research, customer reports and other sources.
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