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Al Kitab Al Sittah : 6 Sahih Hadith books Arabic in 1 Volume
Product Code : HAD63639

Please Note, Our Stock Quantities Are Updated On An Hourly Basis.
Author: Sheikh Saleh bin Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad Aal Ash-Sheikh
Size/Vol.: A4_EXTRA (23.5x32.2 cm - 9.25x12.68 in)
-About The Book
- Revised by Sheikh Saleh bin Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad Aal Ash-Sheikh
- Hardback 2754 Pages
- Publisher : Darussalam
- This is a unique collection book that includes the whole six books of Sahih Hadith of:
- 1- Sahih Al-Bukhari
- 2- Sahih Muslim
- 3- Sunan Abu Dauod
- 4- Jame' At-Termidhi
- 5- Sunan An-Nasa'ie As-Sughra
- 6- Sunan Ibn Majah
- The Text includes the Tashkeel or Harakat
- This edition is corrected, numbered and ordered according to the (Mu'jam Mufahras & Tuhfat Al-Ashraf).
- This edition is taken from the most authentic sources, and includes tables of chapters' descriptions, hadith & traces' ends which were collected by some students of knowledge.
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